HALF DAY AROUND KOH SAMUI without lunch (operate Tue/Thurs/Sat min.2 pax for join) Join
500.00 - 1,000.00 Currency THB
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The first stop is Big Buddha temple, a large statue of Lord Buddha image is dominating on a hill top of a

small island which can be reached by walking up the steps to the big gallery for the surrounding bird’s

eye view.

Next stop at a marvelous strange natural formation of Grand Ma & Grand Pa rock have been fashioned

by the elements into massive sculptures, creating a lot of humorous interest from tourists.

Then visit Guan Yu Koh Samui shrine, The Guan Yu Shrine is the most recent addition to the island’s

sightseeing destinations. The shrine is a celebration of Chinese heritage and is dedicated to Guan Yu, a

legendary warrior who died almost 2,000 years ago. The Guan Yu monument is 16m height, the biggest

in Thailand.

Visit Wat Kunaram for pay respect to the mummified body of Luang Por Daeng, the sacrosanct for

native, he died more than 30 years ago in a sitting position of meditation his body shows few signs of

any major decay (un-decomposed).

We stop at Na Muang 1 Waterfall and being impressive with the wide drop of 18 meters cascade to a

natural pool below.

You have time for shopping at Nathon town, the capital of Koh Samui, a place where the pier is for

embarkation to the mainland. Samui local products can be found.