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    Thailand is a country covering an area of 514 square Kilometers with a population of about 67 Millions of inhabitants. Before 1939, its name was the Siam Kingdom. The capital city of Thailand is Krung Thep, known as Bangkok, which concentrates about 11 million of the total population. It neighbors on west is Myanmar, Malaysia on south, Cambodia in the east and by Laos on the north-east. The main river is the Chao Phraya River watering the Chao Phraya valley.

              The country is fascinating for many different reasons. Maybe the first one is the number of sites, both with an architectural and natural interest. There is plenty of amazing things to see, depending on where you want to go. Be amazed by the north culture and the cultural melting-pot of northern tribes. In Isaan, find the easy going life style, with an economy depending on farming. Down south, be fascinated by the numerous beaches and the magnificence of landscapes. Thailand has more to offer than abundant resources, including a wide variety of flora and fauna. Thailand is a country that offers singularities between its different areas, about landscapes, food and cultures. But the common point on all of this is the propensity of the population to give you a warm welcome and happiness to share their culture, thoughts and believes with you.